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         How could I place an order?

We have been dedicated to improve the ordering flow and simplify this process by eliminating unnecessary steps. Check the following details prior to place an order:

    • Choosing a correct size
    • Entering necessary individual information
    • Reading some details on sales promotion

Note:     All private information and online payment on the website are full secure for encrypted procedure set by our website.

         What payment methods do you accept?

One can complete payments by the following three credit cards only: Master, JCB and Visa.

         How could one print a desired number and name on shirts?

Enter the designated name and number into corresponding bars of printing number and name prior to submit your order. One shall pay fixed fees for the printing number and name (if any).

         How to trail the real-time information of my parcel?

One can receive an E-mail with courier number after the delivering of your parcel. Enter the courier number into the search bar of designated websites. Then one can trail real-time information of you parcel.

         How could I return and replace my clothes if there is any flaw?

When there is flaws on the received products, you shall contact our customer services staff within one week after receiving you parcel. We will replace another new products for you if the flaws are caused by our misses; otherwise, we will replace products for you with certain charges. We reserve all the rights for the final explanation.

         How could I order bulk products at a time?

We are glad to talk about bulk deals and provide applicable prices for customers. It shall be noted that the discount depends on the inventory and desired quantity of products. 

You order has been processed successfully, and you will receive an E-mail send by our system after a while. There may be some errors in your E-mail address if you failed to receive the E-mail. Please contact with our customer service staffs. 

Why prices return to original prices rather than discounted prices?

Our system will refresh its data from time to time. Sometimes, prices may return to original prices. In general, you can refresh your page. Then, the prices will recover. We are very sorry for any inconvenience incurred by the problem.

Why I have to pay VAT, which has not been referred on your website?

VAT is levied on imported parcels in some countries. You’d better pay it when you are asked to pay VAT. Then you should contact us and provide payment voucher of VAT. After receiving the payment voucher, we will refund you 50% of the VAT. Please do not place your order if you mind the VAT charged by Customs offices.

How to ensure my order is successful?

Your order is failed if it shows “Pending” and “Canceled” on your order. Please try once again with a card available for overseas payment if you still want to purchase them. Please contact the bank of your card if money has been taken out from your account.

How Could I Get My Invoice?

You can click the link https://cheapfootballshirtsreplica.net/sales/guest/form/, and enter related information about your order. Then you can print your invoice by yourself.

What can I do when I was over-charged?

Total value of the bill includes prices of goods, shipping cost and transaction fee (if any), and 15% transaction fee will be charged by bank. Please contact customer service staffs in the event that the charged transaction fee over 15%. We provide all customers with a 10%-off discount to offset the rising transaction fee rather than lower prices of products. Please contact customer service staffs if the transaction fee exceeded 15% of total amount. 

How to confirm whether my order is successful?

All “pending” and “canceled” status mean orders are unsuccessful. Only "processing" means orders are successful.