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Club Atlético Boca Juniors is an Argentine sports club based in the La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Although many activities are hosted by the club, Boca Juniors is mostly known for its professional football team. If you are interested in colorful diverse Boca Juniors football shirts, the store is worthy to browse. Do not miss the good opportunities to get your favorite Boca Juniors kit.

Boca Juniors

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Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors, based in Estadio Alberto J. Armando, La Boca, Buenos Aires, is a famous football club among many excellent football clubs. Since the promotion in 1913, the Boca Juniors has played in the Argentine Primera División, growing into a most successful Argentine football club. The football club has won a great number of titles, such as 32 Primera División championships, 12 domestic cups, 22 international titles, etc.

At the very beginning, the original football shirts was white with vertical black stripes. Prior to taking a blue and gold color scheme, the football shirts are replaced by light blue shirt.

Boca Juniors Home Kit

The latest 2017/2018 Boca Juniors home jersey takes a navy blue and yellow color scheme, adding modern and stylish touch to the shirt. The crewneck collar is surrounded by striking yellow pinstripe. The front of the brand new home shirt is adorned with yellow Nike Swoosh and club crest while “BBVA” is printed in the center of front against a horizontal yellow stripe. The abbreviation of the football club “CABJ” is knitted onto exterior of collar in yellow. On the shirt back, striking white words “BBVA Frances” are printed to top back. The yellow stripe on the front is extended to the back. In addition, the logo of HUAWEI is printed on two navy blue short sleeves.

Boca Juniors Away Kit

Different with home jersey, the latest Boca Juniors away football shirt takes a yellow and black color scheme, with bold yellow as its base. The shield-shaped club crest in navy blue is adorned with white dots while yellow abbreviated letters of the club is embroidered on it. The black Nike Swoosh and club crest is embroidered on right and left chest respectively. The word “BBVA” in black is printed in the center of shirt front against concise background. Black ventilation inserts under arms and on both flanks of the shirt make great contributions to the discharge of perspiration, keeping your body cool and dry on or off pitches. Mesh material is also applied to areas around the V-shaped color, which is adorned with a black pinstripe. The back is printed with “BBVA Frances”, which is same as those of home jersey.

Boca Juniors Third Kit

The latest 2017/2018 Boca Juniors third shirt predominately navy blue, adorning with gradient horizontal stripes. The brand new Boca Juniors third shirt is fashionable and stylish with these gradient stripes. White Nike Swoosh and shield-shaped club crest adorning with white dots are embroidered on right and left chest respectively while bold white letters “BBVA” are printed in the center of the shirt front, paying homage to history. Gradient horizontal stripes on the shirt front are extended to the shirt back. Exactly same words “BBVA Frances” printing on home and away shirts are also printed on the latest 2017/2018 Boca Juniors third jersey.

Boca Juniors Shirt History

Boca Junior and Huawei has reached an agreement in 2016, declaring Huawei being the sponsor and technologic partner of club Boca Juniors. After the building of partnership, football shirts, advertising boards and other clothes will be printed with the logo of Huawei. In the history of Boca Juniors, there are many famous football stars who have made great contributions to propel its development.

Boca Juniors Shirt Printing

For the long history and splendid achievements, there are many loyal football fans chasing after many famous footballers, who have made great contributions to the splendid achievements of the football club, such as Antonio Roma, Antonio Rattin, Silvio Marzolini, Martin Palermo, Juan Roman Riquelme, etc. Any desired number no more than three fields and names no more than 12 fields could be printed on football shirts. We will provide more sound high-end bespoke services to all customers.